6 Beautiful & Rare Seashells


The mollusks that once lived in these shells have been extinct for 65 million years!  So if you find one at the beach, be sure to take it home with you.

 Ammonite Shell


Cowry shells have been used for jewelry and currency for thousands of years. The most expensive one is rumored to have sold for over $50,000!

These highly prized shells live such a long life, it’s rare to find one washed up to shore. Junonia shells can be found along the Gulf of Mexico.


Sundial Shell

These beautiful shells are found among coral reefs and sandy seafloors in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Melon shells can get up to 13 inches in length. They were once used to bail water out of boats.

 Melon Shell

Horse Conch

The horse conch is the largest marine snail living in the Atlantic Ocean. It can grow up to 2 feet long and kills it prey by asphyxia.


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