Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu Review + Photos

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu restaurant in Maryland, VA

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It all started with a dang TikTok video my daughter saw about Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu. When she showed it to me, I knew we had to visit.

We drove four hours from Raleigh to Maryland, just to visit Chick-fil-A’s test kitchen. And boy did we have fun. We tried almost everything on the menu, from pizza to wings.

I’ll share my photos and thoughts below.

What is Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu?

Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu serves as a testing ground for potential additions to their regular menu.

They had quite a bit of beef on the menu when we visited. I’m not sure how that fits with their current marketing campaign. 🍔😂

The Little Blue Menu location we visited was in College Park, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. It’s near the University of Maryland campus, and both times we visited, there were a lot of college students there.

To my knowledge, this is the only Little Blue Menu location. If you know about others, please let me know in the comments.

Tips On Visiting Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu

This location doesn’t offer indoor seating, but plenty of outdoor seating exists. We had no trouble finding a spot to enjoy our meals both times we visited.

Orders can be placed at the counter inside or through the mobile app. I suggest using the mobile app to save you some waiting time. But be warned: You’ll have to wait even if you place a mobile order beforehand.

It’s just that busy.

Regardless of how you place your order—whether at the counter or through the app—you’ll need to go inside to wait for your name to be called once your food is ready.

The Little Blue Menu we visited is located at 7242 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740. I’m not sure if there are other locations.

Menu Items We Tried At Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu

Chick-fil-A Pizza

Chick-fil-A pizza from their Little Blue Menu test ktichen.

The Chick-fil-A Pizza was the menu item we were most excited to try. We wondered how pickles could be good on a pizza. But being lovers of Chick-fil-A’s signature sandwich, we had faith this pizza would be a winner.

And it was!

It was one of our favorite items on the menu. It had pickles, Chick-fil-A nuggets, and Chick-fil-A sauce drizzled on top.

Chick-fil-A menu featuring it's different pizza choices on the Little Blue Menu

They had other pizza flavors like Cheese, Pepperoni, Meat-n-Veg, and Buff-lo-Ranch. They gave us a sample of the Cheese Pizza, and it was delicious. I have a reader who said they loved the Buff-lo-Ranch.

Pepperoni Pizza ‘Round

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Calzone

Little Blue Menu’s Pepperoni Pizza ‘Round is much like a calzone. We were surprised by its size and tastiness. Although the picture makes it look small and unappealing, it was quite large, especially for the price of under $4.00.

The inside was filled with lots of cheese and pepperoni. And it had a savory garlic and parmesan crust.

I highly recommend it.

Cheese On Cheese Burger

It’s surprising how much beef Chick-fil-A had on their Little Blue Menu. But wow, were their hamburgers amazing.

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Cheese on Cheeseburger

The Cheese on Cheese Burger Above had fried onion, melted cheddar cheese along with a layer of fried cheese. The fried cheese gave it a unique and wonderful crunch.

This was another one of our favorite menu items.

Bacon Burger

Chick-fil-A's LIttle Blue Menu Bacon Burger

The Bacon Burger was delicious but not as unique as the Cheese on Cheese Burger. If I had to choose between the two, I would go for the Cheese on Cheese.

The Bacon Burger came with thick, sliced, crispy bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, and their yummy burger sauce. It rivaled hamburgers we’ve had pricey restaurants.

Smoked Wings

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Smoked Wings

Little Blue Menu offered four different styles of wings, including boneless and bone-in. We opted for the smoked bone-in wings. They were really tasty but quite small.

If you love wings, you’ll probably enjoy them. I’m not a huge wing fan, so I probably wouldn’t order them again.

They did come with a few different sauce choices, like White BBQ, Buffalo Chicken, and Sweet Chili. My favorite was the White BBQ. My daughter’s was the Buffalo Chicken.

Sweet Potato Tots

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Sweet Potato Tots

I’d read multiple reviews about how good Little Blue Menu’s Sweet Potato Tots were, so I was excited to try them. But they weren’t my favorite.

If you love sweet potato tots, you’ll probably like them. They were crispy and well-made, but I enjoyed the onion rings more.

Onion Rings

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Onion Rings

If you visit Little Blue Menu, I highly recommend trying the Onion Rings. They get rave reviews online, and we loved them, too.

They are crispy and tasty and would make a great addition to Chick-fil-A’s regular menu should they decide to add them.

Pastries and Desserts

Little Blue Menu had six different pastries and desserts when we visited. We tried almost every one. Someone had to… 🙂

They were all delicious, but the Cinnamon Roll was my favorite.

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll

The Cinnamon Roll was giant! It had a crispy, flaky crust and was moist inside. The frosting was delicious, but I had to scrape a bit off because there was so much.

Chick-fil-A's Little Blue Menu pastries
Croissant & Lemon Bar
Chick-fil-A's LIttle Blue Menu Desserts
Chocolate Toffee Cookies & Chocolate Brioche

The croissant was all right but nothing exciting. I enjoyed the Lemon Bar, cookies, and brioche.

My daughter’s favorite pastry was the Chocolate Brioche. These are all solid choices and would be good additions to Chick-fil-A’s regular menu.

If you love Chick-fil-A, you’d probably enjoy visiting its Little Blue Menu. It has some tasty and unique items.

Best Hotel Near Little Blue Menu

When we visited Chick-fil-A’s Little Blue Menu, we wanted nice accommodations that were close by the restaurant.

We chose to stay at the Cambria Hotel in College Park. The rooms were lovely, and the beds and pillows were some of the most comfortable I have experienced at a hotel. I loved that they had a black-out shade and a quiet room.

The hotel lobby was perfect for enjoying the food we brought back from Little Blue Menu.

Check rates and availability of Cambria Hotel HERE

TikTok Video Of My Trip To Little Blue Kitchen

Check out my TikTok video of Little Blue Kitchen; it’s kind of going crazy on TikTok right now.

If you have visited Little Blue Menu, let me know in the comments what you enjoyed.

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