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I love finding new adventures for my readers to learn about.

I especially love finding unique spots, cuisine, and lifestyle products my readers might not have heard of.

  • If you’d like to sponsor me at your hotel, restaurant, activity, or event, I’d love to come visit you and share my experience through my blog posts and social media channels.
  • If you have products you think my readers could benefit from, I’d love to learn more about them and help you share your products with the world.
  • If you’d like me to come to your special event and blog about it, I’d love to be a part of your big day.

My husband and I are both small business owners and I love helping other business owners grow. Please reach out if you’d like me to help promote your restaurant, business, or town


My post on restaurants in Roxboro got 1.3K shares and reached 10K people on Facebook with restaurant owners seeing an increase in business.

My post on Clarksville Station Restaurant got 963 shares and reached 10K people on Facebook with the restaurant seeing an increase in business.

My post on Smokey Dave’s BBQ got 1.1K shares and reached 3.3K people on Facebook with the restaurant seeing an increase in business.


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Reviews From Businesses I’ve worked with

Logo of Clarksville Station

Clarksville Station Restaurant
(see post – 958 shares)

Kristen does a phenomenal job with her blog – content and pictures! We invited her to try out our restaurant for some blog space and loving! She and her husband showed up. The nicest people to work with. We didn’t tell anyone on staff they were coming – so everything was authentic. What you see is what you get. She spent so much quality time dissecting the dishes, literally and figuratively! She takes her time to learn about everything and what questions to ask. I was so impressed with her pictures and her eye for the pics with our food. Everything was just perfect. We recommend her to any place looking to get exposure! Great contacts in the Raleigh area, as well. Our business has definitely seen a turnaround due to her work. THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!

-Bryan Day, owner of Clarksville Station

Smokey Dave's BBQ in Roxboro, NC

Smokey Dave’s BBQ
(see post – 1,100 shares)

They are very nice, professional and easy to work with! Great for local businesses in the area! The pictures and advertising they do are phenomenal! I have noticed an increase in our business since their blog about us. Would definitely recommend them to anybody.

-David Lee Burch, owner of Smokey Dave’s BBQ

Tabletop Media Group Logo

Tabletop Media Group

Tabletop Media Group loved working with Kristen! We’ve worked with her on a few projects and she is always easy to work with, easy to contact, and follows up with each and every media event. As a public relations agency, we always appreciate when influencers connect with us after their visit to let us know how things went and send over any materials they created following their experience(s). Kristen did just that! We look forward to working with her in the future.

– Tabletop Media Group

D'Nardy Cheesecakes logo

We loved the opportunity to work with Kristen. We contacted Kristen to see if she was interested in sampling our cheesecake jars and were excited to drop some off for her and her family to try. Kristen sure has a way with words! Her reviews on her social media were spectacular and we were so grateful she enjoyed our product. Although our initial encounter was brief, Kristen was very professional and a joy to work with. She suggested future ideas in which to promote our jars, which we are very excited about! We are privileged to be able to work with Kristen and highly recommend her!

-Chuck Russell, owner of D’Nardy’s Cheesecakes

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