Factory Outlet Food Tour in Charming Cache Valley, Utah

Gossner's Cheese Factory Sign Logan Utah

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Have you ever heard of Fat Boys, Creamies, Goldfish Crackers, or Cafe Ibis Coffee? You might be surprised to learn that these and many other well-known foods are produced right in Cache Valley, Utah. And the fun part is many of these stores offer their products at a discount.

Here is a planned tour for you to take starting from the south end of Logan, Utah, working north to Richmond, Utah. (Check out the map at the end of the post.)

Be sure to bring your cooler to keep your goodies chilled. You’re going to come home with a lot of great deals! And if you need a place to stay during your epic food tour, one of the best hotels in the valley is Comfort Inn and Suites

Or check out this 3 Bedroom lodge that sits on a river in Smithfield Canyon, a gorgeous part of Cache Valley. My husband grew up across the street from this home so I can attest to its beauty.

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Cox Honey Logan Utah

Cox Honeyland

And Gifts

This small, charming gift shop is located on the south end of Cache Valley. They sell raw honey from their very own bees in a multitude of flavors and varieties including, creamed honey and honey-butter. You’ll also find fudge, gourmet popcorn, and tons of other tempting treats. I like coming here to find fabulous gifts for family, friends (or myself).

Cox Honeyland And Gifts
1780 S US-89 Logan, UT 84321

Bluebird Candy Factory Logan Utah

Bluebird Candy Co.

Step inside this classic candy shop to find several varieties of hand-dipped chocolate, old-fashioned candy, and hand-dipped ice cream. Bluebird Candy Co. has been making chocolate and candies for over 100 years, and they are sold all over Utah in restaurants and gift shops.

Bluebird Candy Co. Factory Store
75 W. Center St. in Logan UT.

Cafe Ibis Coffee Logan, Utah

Caffe Ibis

Caffe Ibis is a local roasting company that sells coffee all over the U.S. This artsy coffee shop is located in downtown Logan on Federal Avenue. You can buy a cup of coffee here or buy the in-house roasted beans in bulk in all their varieties. They also have a cafe with sandwiches, soups, and salads. Enjoy live music on the weekends.

Cafe Ibis
52 Federal Ave, Logan, UT 84321

Cheese from Gossner's Foods Outlet Store in Cache Valley, Utah

Gossner’s Cheese Factory

When I lived in Logan, I used to buy all of my cheese here. The cheese is made at the factory on-site, and they sell the imperfect cuts for cheap. Their most popular item is cheese curds – squeaky lumps of cheesy goodness. Gossner’s also sells milk you can store on the shelf, honey and jams, and hand-dipped ice cream. 

Gossner’s Foods
1051 N 1000 W, Logan, UT 84321

Creamies from Factory Outlet in Cache Valley, Utah

Heart To Heart Foods

My MIL keeps her freezer stocked with these delicious creamy popsicles. It’s a hit with the grandkids! You can get several varieties of Creamies here for cheap, but the real bargain is the Creamie Seconds for just $0.25 apiece. They also have great deals on ice cream bars, Juicies, and ice cream in a carton.

Heart To Heart Foods
142 W 3200 N, Logan, UT 84341


Lower Foods Outlet

Lower Foods sells a variety of meats including, BBQ Pork, Taco Meat, Carne Asada, Sliced Lunch Meats, and Baby Back Ribs. At their outlet store, you can get their meats at a significant discount, and they usually have samples to try. If you can’t get to the store, you can purchase their meats on Amazon.

Lower Foods Outlet
700 S Highway 91 Richmond, UT

Alvey's Chocolates Factory Store Utah

Alvey’s Chocolates 

Shari Alvey learned to make candy from her grandma using old family recipes and techniques. She started out making four candy bars – Cherry Supreme, Double Dip Mint, Peanut Supreme, and Caramel Nut. Today Alvey’s Chocolates offers a full line of chocolate candies. You can buy them in the Cache Valley Mall, but they sell their seconds in the Richmond factory where they are made. (While they last.)

Alvey’s Chocolates Outlet Store
63 E 300 S Richmond, UT 84335

Pepperidge Farm Factory Outlet Store Cache Valley Utah

Pepperidge Farm Outlet

I visit this outlet every time I come to Cache Valley because who doesn’t like giant bags of Goldfish and Milano Cookies for cheap? They also sell regular bags of all their cookies and crackers for a great price. I often find a new flavor here that I haven’t seen in the store like the tasty Salt & Vinegar Goldfish we found last time. There’s plenty of other good finds here like frozen soups and bread. 

Pepperidge Farm Outlet
901 N Highway 91 Richmond, UT 84333

Casper's Ice Cream Factory Outlet Richmond Utah

Casper’s Malt Shoppe

Enjoy an ice cream treat at this last stop. Casper’s Malt Shoppe offers banana splits, shakes, sundaes, and cones. They also sell Fat Boy Seconds, so prepare to stock up because they are the BEST ice cream treats around. If you can’t make it here, stop by my MIL’s freezer, you be able to find all the Fat Boys and Creamies you’ll need. She knows how to keep her grandkids happy.

Casper’s Ice Cream
11805 N 200 E Richmond, UT 84333

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58 Responses

  1. Be sure to check before going to the outlet stores. Some are now closed due to Covid 19. Pepperidge Farms is no longer open.

  2. I can’t even tell you how many cartons of goldfish haven been consumed in our house since my kids were toddlers. They love them, even at 18 and 14. LOL. I love all the little shops here. I could spend hours browsing.

  3. Yum! I would get full real quick on this tour! Love the idea of trying different goldfish and cookie flavors.

    1. They probably have more factories across the country, but it’s fun to have one close enough to visit.

    1. Your kids would love it. Don’t forget to hit Aggie Ice Cream and The Chocolate Factory. I have a couple more posts coming out about Logan.

  4. Utah is near the top of my list because of its beautiful canyons and national parks. And now this?! A factory outlet food tour! That’s so awesome…of course now I’m wanting a midnight snack. Pining this for later reference!

    1. There really is a lot to see in Utah. And the terrain is so diverse from the North of the state to the south.

  5. My daughter was just commenting the other day about how Goldfish Crackers are the one snack that my mom always made sure she had when we came to visit. I think I would walk away from a food tour like this feeling very happy…and VERY full! 🙂

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