The Best Electric Bike Under $2000 That I Can’t Stop Riding!

Best ebikes under $2000 - Aventon Pace 500 Ebike Review

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Update – We still love our Aventon Pace 500 Ebikes, but we now also own the Magicycle Jagaurundi Fat-Tire Ebike and the Mokwheel Asphalt Commuter Ebike.

All of the above are great ebikes that are priced under $2,000. Find my review of each ebike HERE!

What is the best electric bike under $2000?

That’s what my husband and I wanted to know. We’ve been wanting to get ebikes to help us exercise and spend more time together. 

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So we spent hours searching for the best quality ebike for the most affordable price.

We kept coming back to the Aventon Pace 500 Ebike.

It currently sells for $1,599.00, which is a fantastic price for the bike’s components and power of the motor. Some ebikes sell upwards of $7,000 and have a less powerful motor.

This ebike is so much fun to ride – I just want to be out riding as much as possible. I don’t even feel like I’m exercising.

My husband and I have been spending hours on the weekend riding to restaurants and breweries. My daughter and I love to ride to our favorite cafes and coffee shops.

The following is my Aventon Pace 500 electric bike review. I think you’ll see why it was my husband and I’s top choice for an ebike under $2000.

1 – It has a powerful motor

The motor is 750W at peak performance and never lower than 500W.

A 500 – 750W motor for a bike at this price range is impressive when you consider that REI sells its Cannondale Topstone Electric Bike for over $7,000, and it only has a 250W motor.

The power of the motor is what ultimately sold my husband on this ebike.

 2 – It reaches top speeds of 30 MPH

Laws have limited the top speed of ebikes to 28 mph. The Aventon Pace 500 claims only to go 28 mph, but we have been able to easily get up to 30 mph. Many ebikes only go up to 20 mph.

In all honesty, I don’t like going much over 20 mph. My husband, however, loves going at top speed. 🙂

Cycling Gloves

3 –  It only takes 3 – 4 hours to charge the bike

The bike comes with a 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger. It’s easy to keep it charged as the ebike can go up to 40 miles on one charge.

4 – It comes in a regular or step-through model

I choose the step-through frame, and my husband has the traditional model. I ride my husband’s bike sometimes, and the regular model is easy to get on and off, but not quite as easy as the step-through.

5 – It’s easy to choose the right size bike

The step-through comes in small and medium. The regular Pace 500 comes in small, medium, and large.

I chose to get a small even though I’m 5’6 so that my daughter, who is 5′, could also ride it. The seat adjusts enough to work great for both of us. I can easily ride my husband’s large bike by putting the seat down all the way.

The Aventon website has a great sizing chart making it easy to choose the right size

So basically, because of how well the seat adjusts, I can ride the small, medium, or large.

6 – It has a cruiser frame

I have back pain if I ride a bike that makes me bend over so I absolutely love the comfort of this cruiser bike.

My husband, who doesn’t have the back problems I do, also loves the cruiser style.

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7 – The Thumb throttle is simply awesome

Aventon Pace 500 Best Ebike Thumb Throttle
Aventon Pace 500 Thumb Throttle

You can start from a complete stop and/or travel up hills with just the thumb throttle. You can also go up to 20mph just using the throttle. 

It’s almost like having a moped.

The throttle also works well to give you a burst of power when you need it

8 – It has 5 levels of power assist

You can choose how much exercise you want to get with the 5 levels of power assist. Keep it on 0 and it will be just like riding a regular bike. Go up to level 5 for minimal work or to help you to go fast or long distances.

I generally try to keep it to 0 or 1 so that I can get a workout, but if I have to go up a difficult hill, I usually use level 3.

9 – The display is easy to read

Aventon Pace 500 best display

The LCD screen keeps track of speed, distance, range, and pedal assist level. The screen is backlit, so you can use it for nighttime riding.

10 – The seat is very comfortable

The bike comes with a wide, comfortable seat. Most people will find it comfortable enough on it’s own. 

My husband and I decided to get riding shorts that make it even cushier since we like to be out riding for long periods of time.

11 – It has incredible reviews

If you check out the reviews on the website, you can tell the bike is really popular. One thing that stood out to me is the number of senior citizens that love the bike. 

It’s just SO MUCH FUN!

It’s also been given rave reviews from Forbes and USA Today.

Here’s one of the reviews of the bike:

“Very happy with my choice! My first ride was 26 miles. I pedaled the whole time with pedal assist when needed. I followed a river along a path south of town. I felt like I was somewhat in the wilderness. The ride was very comfortable and I felt like I got a good workout while seeing an area I never would have seen before if not for my Aventon Pace 500 bike! I love the ease of the step through to get on my bike! I have highly recommended this bike to friends!

12 – It has a range of 25 – 40 miles

If you’re looking for a touring bike with extremely long-range, I’d consider the Cannondale Topstone from REI. It has a range of up to 78 miles.

The Aventon Pace 500 goes up to 40 miles, and that will be plenty for most people. I’ve ridden my bike for several hours, only using up half the battery.

13 – The bike comes in beautiful color choices

best ebike cruiser
My husband's Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike in the color So Cal

The step-through model comes in Celeste (the color I choose) and White. 

The regular Pace 500 comes in Black or So Cal, the color my husband choose (See picture above).

The bike is very attractive. We get lots of comments about this when we’re out riding.

Best Ebike Cruiser - Aventon Pace 500
Kristen's Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike in the color Celeste

 Cons of Aventon 500 EBike

The only negative thing I can say about the bike is that it took longer to ship than what the website said. It’s a really popular bike and the company has been bombarded with orders.

It only took us two weeks to get our bikes, but we were so excited to get out riding, it felt like an eternity. 😅

You can find a video review I did of the bike at the end of this post.

Other EBikes to consider

Aventon Aventure Step Through Ebike

The Aventon Aventure Step Through Ebike is what my husband and I have our eyes set to purchase for dirt trail riding. (I plan to get it in the beautiful red color below.)

It’s has fat tires and front suspension so that you can take it on pavement or trails and still have a smooth ride.

This ebike has a really powerful motor (1120W at peak performance) and a backlit color display.

The bike is sold for $1,999, which is amazing for the power and features.

Learn more HERE!

Aventon Aventure Best Fat Tire Ebike
Aventon Aventure Step Through Ebike

Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 2 Speed Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a touring bike that goes long distances, you may want to consider REI’s  Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 2 Speed Electric Bike. It has a range of up to 78 miles.

Learn more HERE!

Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Electric Bike

Electra Townie Go!

The Electra Townie Go! is sold through REI and was the first bike we considered. It has a really fun design and great reviews.

Ultimately, we choose the Aventon bike instead because it’s less money, goes faster, and the motor has twice the power.

An advantage to the Electra Townie, though, is that you can have it shipped to REI for them to put together as well as tune it as needed.

Learn more HERE!

Electra Townie Go! best cruiser women's electric bike
Electra Townie Go!

Aventon Sinch Foldable Ebike

If I needed an ebike that I could fold up and put in my car, the Aventon Sinch would be my first choice.

The price is great, it’s very powerful, and has fat tires.

Learn more HERE!

best foldable ebike Aventon Sinch Electric Bike
Aventon Sinch Foldable Ebike

Getting our Aventon Pace 500 Ebikes was one of the best decisions my husband and I have made.

We even enjoy riding them in the winter.

Just last weekend, my husband and I bundled up in the cold weather and rode to get a bowl of pho and a hot latte.

Our next goal is to take them to ride the 34 mile Virginia Creeper Trail.

Shop Aventon bikes HERE!

If you’d like to know what ebike accessories we got for our bikes and how they worked for us, check out THIS POST!

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Below is a video review of the bike:

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  1. This electric bike looks like soooo much fun! Thanks for a great review. Gives me a lot of things to consider when the time comes to purchase my own!

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