Best Fat Tire Ebike – Review Of The Magicycle Jaguarundi

Review of the Magicycle Jaguarundi fat tire ebike

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I’m excited to share my review of the Magicycle Jaguarundi – an incredibly fun folding fat tire ebike.

I’ve been on many adventures with this electric bike. It folds and fits nicely in my small SUV so I can take it anywhere.

The fat tires make it accessible to all types terrain, including pavement, dirt, sand, and even snow!

I’ll share all the reasons I love this bike, and the one small thing I would change about it.

The Jaguarundi by Magicycle
My daughter riding the Magicycle Jaguarundi at the beach. Purchase this ebike HERE!

Quick Facts:

If you don’t have time to read the whole post, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of this e-bike.

Pros of the Jaguarundi by Magicycle:

  • Assembly is easy
  • Folds and fits nicely in my small SUV
  • Fits riders from 4’10” – to 5’2″
  • Holds 350 pounds – accommodates small and heavy riders
  • Has a high power motor – 750W
  • It’s built well – has a solid aluminum frame and excellent welding
  • The fat tires make it all terrain
  • Has front fork suspension
  • Has a fun motorcycle-like throttle
  • Has a step-thru beach cruiser style
  • You can ride it at night – has a front and back light
  • Has 7 levels of power assist
  • Goes up to 23 MPH
  • Has an easy-to-read display
  • Has a range of up to 50 miles
  • Very affordable – current price is $1299

Cons of the Magicycle Jaguarundi ebike:

  • Could have a slightly softer seat
  • the large tires make more noise than small ones
  • Only goes 23 MPH (not a con for me, but could be for some)

If you’re ready to purchase the bike, click the button below. If you want a more in-depth review of the ebike, read on.

Pros of The Magicycle Jaguarundi

It’s easy to assemble

Assembling the Jaguarundi was amazingly easy.

Straight out of the box, it’s mostly put together. The entire process requires five simple steps.

My husband set it up and had it ready to ride in about 20 minutes. It’s hassle-free and gets you on the road in no time.

We were surprised that the battery came fully charged. That’s not the experience we had with our other ebike.

Watch Gary quickly assemble to Magicycle Jaguarundi in video below.

It folds in 3 easy steps

The Magicycle Jaguarundi is great because it folds up easily. This is the main reason I wanted this ebike.

Normally, I would have to borrow my husband’s truck, attach the bike rack, and load my bike on the rack. This deterred me from riding my bike anywhere away from home.

With this foldable ebike, I’m taking it everywhere!

I just drop the handlebars, lift a latch, and fold the bike to put it in my car. It’s really that easy!

I’ve found that taking the battery off first makes it slightly easier to lift. The bike weighs 60 pounds which isn’t too heavy, but taking the battery off helps me lift it into my car.

You can also take the seat off before lifting it to see if that helps fit it in your car.

The foldable feature also means it’s easy to store in an apartment or other small space.

Watch how easy it is for me to fold this bike and put in my car.

The Jaguarundi fits all sizes of riders

This Magicycle ebike is great for people of all sizes. The bike can be adjusted to fit you, whether tall or short.

It’s designed for people from 4’10” to 6’2″ by moving the seat and handlebars up and down. My family, with heights between 5′ and 6′, all use it comfortably.

It’s sturdy and can hold up to 350 pounds, so it’s good for both light and heavy riders.

The step-thru design makes it easy for anyone to get on and off.

Kassidy standing by the Magicycle fat tire electric bike at the beach
The bike size works nicely for my daughter (above) who is 5′. It fits riders from 4’8″ – 6’2″

The Jaguarundi has a high-power motor

An important factor to consider when looking for an ebike is the motor’s power. There are many ebikes on the market in all price ranges that don’t have a high-power motor.

The Jaguarundi has a 750W battery, ensuring you’ll have the power to climb hills or conquer difficult terrain.

This fat tire e-bike is built well

My husband was impressed with the solid aluminum frame of this bike, as well as the fantastic welding job.

My husband used to be an auto mechanic and believe me, he inspected this bike closely.

The fat tires allow you to ride on all types of terrain

The Jaguarundi’s large 20″x 4.0″ tires let you ride on every terrain.

You can go on paved roads, dirt paths, sand, and even snow.

I recently took it to the beach, and it worked wonderfully on packed and solid sand. Having an ebike took my beach trip to the next level.

I could collect seashells from distant spots or find quiet parts of the beach without anyone around.

The bike has a front suspension that helps with bumpy rides. I love riding it on wooden boardwalk trails because it’s so smooth.

Admittedly, it was too bumpy when I tried a trail with big rocks and tree roots.

I haven’t tried snow yet, as I live in North Carolina, and we rarely see snow, but I know these fat tires are supposed to do well in snowy terrain.

Kristen riding the foldable fat tire ebike Jaguarundi at the beach
I LOVED riding the Jaguarundi at the beach!

This ebike has a fun, motorcycle-like throttle

I love the motorcycle-like throttle on the Jaguarundi ebike. Not every ebike has a throttle, but once you try a bike with one, it’s hard to go back.

I also own the Aventon Pace 500 ebike, which has a throttle, but I like the style of the Jaguarundi better.

The throttle is helpful when starting on a steep hill or in thick sand because it gets you going without needing to pedal.

You can even ride using only the throttle, making the bike feel like a scooter. But remember, this uses the battery faster.

You can ride the Jaguarundi at night

The Jaguarundi is great for night rides, thanks to its bright front and backlights.

The backlight doubles as a brake light, illuminating every time you brake, whether or not the lights are turned on.

I have another ebike that didn’t come with lights, and I had to buy them separately.

Not only can you comfortably ride in the dark, but there’s no rush to get home before sunset.

And trust me, once you’re on an ebike, you’ll want to keep riding for hours.

The bike has 7 levels of power assist

The bike has a versatile range of power with its 7 levels of power assist.

I tend to stick to levels 1 through 4. This ensures I’m still getting a decent workout.

However, now and then, I’ll try the higher levels for a bit of speed.

It’s good to note that you don’t need to use any of the levels of power assist to ride the bike. It can operate just like a regular bicycle.

This electric bike goes up to 23 MPH

The Jaguarundi electric bike can reach speeds up to 23 MPH, in my experience.

While the manufacturer claims it can hit 25 MPH, I’ve yet to achieve that speed on flat terrain. Though, with a downhill slope, it may be possible.

I usually find myself cruising around 15 MPH, which I enjoy.

Besides, many trails have speed restrictions, often capping riders at 10 to 15 MPH, making this speed range practical and compliant.

Many ebikes can go up to 28 MPH, like my other ebike, the Aventon Pace 500. If you’re looking for a bike that will go that fast, this bike may not be for you. From my research, the folding ebikes don’t go quite as fast as non-folding ones.

If you’re looking for a faster fat tire ebike, Magicycle sells several non-folding fat tire ebikes that go 28 MPH. They all seem to get good reviews.

Kristen riding the Magicycle fat tire electric bike at the sound
Riding the Jaguarundi on boardwalk at the North Carolina sound was so much fun.

This Magicycle ebike has an easy-to-read display

This Jaguarundi ebike has a backlight display making it easy to see.

It shows how much battery is left, your power assist level, and your speed. I’ve found it easy and intuitive to use.

It has a range of up to 50 MPH

The Jaguarundi e bike can go up to 50 miles when fully charged.

If you use the power boost a lot, the battery will run out faster. But I’ve ridden for hours and hardly noticed a decrease in battery level.

If you plan to ride for a long time, you could consider getting an extra battery, or you could bring your charger with you.

The Magicycle Jaguarundi is very affordable

The Jaguarundi is not only an excellent bike but very affordable. It’s priced at just $1299.

Often, there’s a discount coupon available on their website or you can use my coupon code, KS100, to get $100 off.

My husband and I believe that given the bike’s quality, this price is truly a steal.

There are many cheap ebikes out there with poor quality, especially on Amazon.

So be careful when finding something affordable so that you’re not wasting your money on an unsafe bike that won’t last.

Cons of the Jaguarundi electric bike

The Jaguarundi by Magicycle is a fantastic bike, but if I could change anything, it would be the seat cushion.

While the seat is quite comfortable, I wish it was a tad cushier. I wear my padded biking shorts for longer rides for extra comfort.

Another thing I’ve observed is that its fat tires are a bit noisier compared to regular-sized ones. It doesn’t bother me, especially since I often enjoy music through my earbuds while riding.

Like riding on any surface, the advantages of these fat tires far outweigh the noise.

Lastly, some might find its top speed of 23 MPH a bit low, especially when many ebikes reach 28 MPH. However, for me, it’s more than sufficient for my riding.

The fat tire Jaguarundi by Magicycle getting on my favorite dirt trail by a waterfall
Visiting my favorite trail by fat tire ebike is a breeze.

Best accessories for the Magicycle Jaguarundi

For a complete list of my recommended ebike accessories, check out this post!

Below, I’ll share a few of my favorite accessories for this ebike:

🚲 Front Basket by Magicycle

Magicycle makes a very attractive and useful front basket. It comes in 4 different styles depending on your needs.

I have the 2.0 style, and I’ve found my Yeti Cooler fits perfectly in it. (I have the smallest soft-shell Yeti Cooler.)

If you purchase the front basket, you can easily remount the front light onto the front of the basket.

The front basket on the Magicycle Jaguarundi fits a Yeti Cooler perfectly
The front basket sold by Magicycle fits my Yeti Cooler perfectly!

🚲 Rear View Mirrors by BriskMore

My husband chose these bike mirrors for the Jaguarundi because they fold in. It makes it easier to fit the bike in your car.

They’re easy to adjust and help me stay safe while riding.

🚲 Rear Seat Cushion by Magicycle

This Rear Seat Cushion by Magicycle is on my list of accessories to purchase.

I’ve already ridden my bike with my daughter on the back. She put a pillow under her, and we had a blast!

Amazingly, this small bike can hold 350 pounds, so if you want to bring a second rider, this cushion is perfect. (And it’s only $29.99.)

🚲 Cell Phone Holder by Seven Sparta

I have this cell phone holder on my other electric bike, but it would work perfectly for the Jaguarundi.

A cell phone holder makes navigating trails with a map or using your favorite music app easy.

In conclusion:

I hope this review of the Jaguarundi by Magicyle has answered your questions about the bike.

I love this bike so much that I keep it in the back of my car to ride it often. It’s helped me explore many trails that I couldn’t access before.

And wait till you get it to the beach. There is nothing more fun than exploring the beach by fat tire e-bike!

If you have any questions or comments about the bike, please share them below!

If you want to read more about this ebike or purchase the bike, visit their website. And you can use my code KS100 to get $100 off.

Kristen riding the fat tire ebike by Magicycle
Me loving the Jaguarundi fat-tire ebike by Magicycle

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