19 Best Ebike Accessories For An Amazing Ride!

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My husband and I purchased two Aventon Pace 500 ebikes, and we love them! I’m out riding every chance I get.

I’ve even shed a few pounds because I don’t want to stop riding. Hooray!

If you’d like to read my review of the Aventon Pace 500 Ebike – CLICK HERE.

One thing that has made riding our electric bikes so enjoyable is the accessories we have found to go with our bikes.

For instance, having saddlebags on my bike has made it so I can make a trip to the grocery store and pick up a few items. Or, bring lunch along for a picnic.

Read on to learn about the best ebike accessories to make the most of your bicycle rides.

19 Best Ebike Accessories For The Ultimate Ride

1 – Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack by KAC Overdrive

We wanted a bike rack that could carry the weight of two electric bikes and would securely lock our bikes.

We’d read that some bike racks make it easy to steal your bike by just deflating a tire. We didn’t want that, of course!

We choose the KAC Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack because it holds up to 60 pounds per bike, keeps your bikes securely locked up, and is anti-wobble,

It also has a tilt design to access the back of your vehicle easily.

You can use this bike rack for regular bikes, fat-tire bikes, or any ebike.

This is the best electric bike hitch rack we could find for the money, and my husband said it was easy to assemble.

Hitch Mounted Bicycle Rack - Best ebike accessories
Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack
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2 – Bike Cover For Car Rack

High on our list of accessories to purchase for our ebikes is a cover to go over our bikes when they’re on the hitch-mounted bike rack.

If you’re traveling long distances, you’ll want to protect your bike from road debris, rain, and dust.

I like the Formosa Bike Cover shown below because it covers 3-4 bikes, gets great reviews, and completely encloses your bikes. (I’ll give an update after we purchase and use this cover.)

Formosa Bike Cover for car rack
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3 – Wireless Earbuds by Soundcore

I was a little worried about wearing wireless earbuds biking because I thought they might fall out.

I was wrong! These Bluetooth Earbuds by Soundcore come with several sizes of ear tips and ear wings to get the perfect fit.

If inserted correctly, they lock in place in your ear. For this reason, they are some of the best wireless headphones for small or large ears.

And the price for these earbuds is only about $50 which is great for the sound quality and noise-canceling feature.

What I truly love is how great they work for phone calls. If someone calls me while I’m riding, I can easily keep riding while talking. This comes in handy if I get separated from my husband, and we need to call each other to find a spot to meet up.

These earbuds come with a charging case and have a really good bass sound (one thing my husband loves about them!)

Read my full review of Soundcore’s Wireless Earbuds HERE!

Best bluetooth headphones under 200 Soundcore
Wireless Earbuds by Soundcore
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4 – Bike Helmet Liner by Skull Cap

These beanies by Skull Cap are thin enough to fit under a helmet and do a great job at keeping you warm. The fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking.

If it’s extra cold out, we sometimes layer two of these or add an ear warmer over the top. (See below)

Best Accessories for ebikes - Bicycle Helmet Liner
Skull Cap Bike Helmet Liner
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5 – Fleece Ear Warmers/ Headband by French Fitness Revolution

These Ear Warmers by French Fitness Revolution work for men or women. My husband and I both love them.

They cover your ears and forehead to keep you warm and cozy. It’s easy to put on and is thin enough to wear under a bicycle helmet.

I also wear earbuds underneath this ear warmer.

Men's Ear Warmers - Best Bicycle Accessories
Fleece Ear Warmers
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6 – Bicycle Phone Mount by Seven Sparta

This Phone Mount by Seven Sparta holds a small to large phone well. My phone is quite big because I have a heavy-duty phone case.

It has four telescopic arms that grip the corners of your phone tightly.

I’ve ridden my bike a few hundred miles now, sometimes going over a lot of bumps, and this phone holder has kept my phone secure.

Best Bicycle Phone Mount and Holder
Bicycle Phone Mount by Seven Sparta
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7 – Bike Phone Bag / Cycling Wallet by Wild Man

My husband keeps his phone in this Waterproof Bike Pouch by Wild Man.

You can store a lot in this cycling wallet – water bottle, wallet, keys, snacks, tools, and of course, a phone.

The phone stays secure and protected inside the plastic cover and you can easily see your phone and use the touchscreen to listen to music or use google maps.

This bag doesn’t work with a cruiser-style bike because it needs to rest on the top bar of a traditional bicycle.

Cycling Wallet
Bike Phone Bag
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8 – Bicycle Panniers by BV

I’m in love with these Bicycle Panniers (saddlebags) by BV. Each side has three large zippered pockets giving you plenty of room to carry several items.

I like to pack a picnic and go riding for hours. There is plenty of space to keep drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and more. I could easily bring along an extra jacket as well.

I also make trips to the grocery store with my bike, and I can’t believe how much I can store in these bags.

You’ll need a carrier to mount your saddlebags onto. We purchased the Bike Rack Touring Carrier by Ibera and have been happy with it.

It carries up to 55 pounds and has a quick-release bag mounting system.

Bicycle Saddlebags - Ebike Accessories
Bicycle Panniers
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9 – Bike Light Set by RAV3

These Ebike Lights by Rav3 are large, super-bright, and rechargeable.

If you’re riding at night or even dusk, I highly suggest putting lights on the front and back of your bike.

There are times when we planned to get back before the sun started to set, but didn’t quite make it in time. I was so glad we had lights on our bikes.

These lights have four modes to choose from, including strobe and static lights.

You turn them on by pressing the button on the side. They last over 12 hours on a full charge and come with a charger to recharge the batteries.

Best Electric Bike Lights
Best ebike lights
Bike Light Set
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10 – Polarized Photosensitive Sunglasses by Feisedy

The advantage of having polarized sunglasses is they protect your eyes from UV rays and eliminate reflection and glare.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have sunglasses that adjust with the sun’s brightness. I always wear them when biking, even if it’s not that bright out, because they keep bugs and debris out of my eyes.

Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized photochromatic sunglasses for men
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Polarized photochromatic sunglasses for women
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11 – Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

(Update: These gloves are no longer sold on Amazon. I updated the links to the best choice I could find.)

These touch screen gloves work well to protect my hands, keep them warm, and allow me to use the touchscreen on my phone.

I’m a professional pianist, so it’s essential to protect my fingers!

I have large hands (for a girl), and they fit me well.

I layer a thin glove under these or wear warmer winter gloves if it’s frigid outside.

Touch Screen Cycling Gloves
Touch Screen Cycling Gloves
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12 – Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts by Baleaf

My husband wears these padded cycling shorts and likes the added padding for long rides. They are lightweight, breathable, and chafe-free.

They work great as shorts in hot weather or underwear with your pants.

Padded Biking Shorts - Best Bike Accessories
Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts
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13 – Women’s Padded Bike Shorts by Baleaf

I never go on a bike ride without my padded cycling shorts on.

Even though my Aventon bike seat is super comfy, these shorts make it easy to ride long distances.

And if it’s cold outside, I just wear them under exercise pants.

They have pockets on each side to carry a phone, keys, and wallet.

Women's Padded Bicycle Shorts
Padded Cycling Shorts For Women
Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts
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14 – Bicycle Bell by Ymnl

A bike bell is a must if you’ll be riding on trails where you need to pass other riders or walkers.

This Bicycle Bell by Ymnl is loud, easy to ring, and you can install it on the left or right side of your bike. It works well to let others know you’re behind them.

It’s definitely an important safety feature for a cyclist.

Bicycle bell best ebike accessories
Bicycle Bell
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15 – Rear View Mirror

Best rear view mirror for bicycle

The picture above is of the West Biking Handlebar Mirror.

I love it, but my husband had to make several adjustments to mount it to our handlebars, and he couldn’t find any other mirrors on Amazon that he felt he could recommend.

For this reason, my husband recommends the Cat Eye Bar End Mirror from Aventon. According to reviews, it fits at the end of your handlebar, is durable, and won’t need adjusting like the mirrors we have.

View the Cat Eye Bar End Mirror from Aventon HERE.

16 – Kryptonite Chain Lock by Aventon

A good bike lock is a must to protect your bike and keep it safe. There are many different types of bike locks, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

What I like about this Kryptonite Chain Lock is that it is lightweight, weather resistant, and plenty long enough for my bike.

It also has a thick steel construction that gives me peace of mind knowing it’s going to be hard for someone to cut through.

Bike Lock by Aventon Ebikes
Kryptonite Chain Lock
Find on Aventon.com

17 – Bicycle Repair Bag With Pump And Patch Kit

This bicycle repair kit is next on my list to purchase for my bike rides. With an ebike, you generally go long distances, and I would hate getting stuck with a flat tire.

I like this repair kit because it comes with a pump, patches, and a multi-tool that will take care of most minor repairs.

Best Bicycle Repair Kit
Bicycle Repair Kit
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18 – Bicycle Helmet by Cali

When we purchased our Aventon Bikes, they had a deal where they gave you a free Cali Bicycle Helmet with your purchase.

I love the fit, color, and style of the Cali Bike Helmet. It has deeper coverage in the back than most helmets and has a removable visor.

Best accessories bicycle helmet
Bicycle Helmet by Cali
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19 – Water Bottles by S’well

I love the S’well water bottles when I bike because I can store them in my saddlebags. They close tightly with no leakage and keep drinks cool for up to 40 hours.

They also come in fun patterns and colors.

S'well Water Bottle
Water Bottle by S’well
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The video below shows several of the bike accessories I mention in this article including the bike helmet, phone holder, mirror, and gloves.

I hope this guide helps you pick the best electric bike gear to help you enjoy your rides.

Let me know in the comment what your favorite ebike accessories are.

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