Best Wireless Earbuds (Great Price & Awesome Bass)

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds by Soundcore

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Are you looking for a great pair of great-sounding wireless earbuds without spending a fortune?

My husband and I recently purchased the Soundcore by Anchor Bluetooth earbuds, and we love them.

The price is great (under $100), and they have an excellent bass sound, a noise-canceling feature, and they fit all ear sizes.

Read my review about why we love these fantastic earbuds by Soundcore.

1 – Amazing bass sound

The Soundcore by Anchor earbuds have an incredible bass sound. I was really impressed with the bass when I first used them, as was my husband.

That big bass sound will definitely rock your day. I wear them all the time when I’m biking, and the sound gets me pumped to ride longer distances.

Best Budget Earbuds With Good Bass
These earbuds have amazing bass sound without compromising clarity and treble.

2 – Noise-canceling

I love that these Soundcore earbuds have a noise-canceling feature.

They have internal and external microphones that work together to eliminate up to 90% of noise around you. It makes it so much more enjoyable to listen to music when the surrounding sound is blocked out.

I can wear them while I’m working, and they drown out outside sounds so that I can focus on what I’m doing without any distractions.

Or, if you want to hear the outside world, touch either earbud for a couple of seconds to turn off the noise-canceling feature.

3 – Fits all ear sizes

Are you worried your ears might be too small or too large for earbuds?

These earbuds come with a vast array of different-sized ear tips and ear wings so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your ears are, these earbuds will fit you.

I liked the instructions the earbuds came with to fit them securely in your ear. Just insert, twist, and lock them in place.

Best Bluetooth earbuds for small ear canals
Soundcore Earbuds come with several sizes of ear wings and ear tips.

4 – Stays put for sports

I love that I can wear these earbuds while I’m working out.

The ear tips are made of a soft silicone material, and the ear wings are flexible, so they conform to the shape of your ear. They have a snug and secure fit, so they don’t fall out while I’m running or biking.

Best Earbuds For Cycling and Biking
These earbuds are great for biking and running.

5 – Built-in mic for hands-free calling!

I’m shocked at how great a call sounds when I’m out riding my bike. I just keep riding, and the caller can hear me loud and clear.

In fact, my husband can’t tell I’m out biking or jogging when he calls me.

These earbuds feature 6 microphones to isolate background noise and wind so you get superior clarity and volume.

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6 – Touch controls

The touch controls on each earbud are adjustable so you can customize the settings to your liking.

If you want the volume up louder on the left earbud and the bass down a bit, you can do that with the Soundcore app.

Some reviewers complain that the touch features could be easier to use. I can’t say that I’ve used them much myself to know how well they work.

All touch features are accessed by double-tapping or a 2-second hold.

7 – Charging case

The Soundcore earbuds come with a charging case that doubles as a storage case.

The case has a built-in battery, so it can charge your earbuds on the go.

It’s convenient to be able to just put the earbuds in the case and know that they are completely safe and protected.

Earbuds with charging case
Soundcore by Anchor charging case.

8 – Extremely long playing time

These Soundcore earbuds come with a huge battery life. You can get up to 35 hours of playing time on a single charge.

I never worry about running out of battery power when riding my bike or going for a run. These earbuds will last for several hours, and then you can put them in the charging case to extend the battery life.

The Soundcore app also has a power-saving mode that will give you an additional 12 hours of listening time.

9 – Waterproof protection

The Soundcore earbuds have IPX5-level protection, which means they are water-resistant and can be used in any weather condition.

I’ve worn them in the rain, and they still work great.

And no worries if you sweat when you work out. These earbuds can handle that just fine.

Best Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case
Soundcore Earbuds are waterproof.

10 – Transparency Mode

These earbuds come with a transparency mode. What that means is that you can hear outside sounds while you listen to music or a podcast.

Sadly, one of the criticisms of these headphones is that the transparency mode does not work very well. I have not found it a problem for myself as I love tuning out the world when I’m exercising, but many reviews mention they wished this feature worked better.

11 – Incredible price

The Soundcore earbuds are a great value, being priced at close to $65.00.

My husband read many reviews before purchasing these, and we are very happy with all of the features that come with these earbuds for the price.

In conclusion:

The Soundcore earbuds are an excellent value for the cost.

They have superior sound quality, noise-cancellation, a comfortable fit, and durability. I highly recommend these earbuds to anyone looking for wireless earbuds under $100.00.

The only downside I can find is that some people wish the touch controls were a little easier to use, and that the transparency mode worked better.

Have you tried the Soundcore by Anchor Wireless Headphones? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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26 Responses

  1. I wish I read this before my last flight! I used my son’s headphones on our flight and loved the noise cancelling feature. Time to get me a pair!

  2. I like the features of these Soundcore wireless earbuds. Being able to turn on and off the noise-canceling feature without having to take them out of your ear is a great feature.

  3. I love that more companies are coming out with more affordable products like these. And I love that these earbuds come with so many adaptable sizes. Thanks for the great review.

  4. I never had any headphones or earbuds for myself. My husband and our four boys all have some. I would enjoy them doing h and even listen to podcast. Thank for this great review. I will check them out.

  5. I’ll have to try these…most buds don’t fit my ears well so it’s nice that there are different size options with these

    1. Yes! The earbuds come with several different sizes to make sure you can get a good fit no matter what size your ear is.

  6. My husband loves earbuds and your review is so great I was going to buy these for him. When I went to look at his to see what he has I found he already owns these. He loves them and so will a lot of other people. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. I love that these are under $100 and they fit all ear sizes! My ears are tiny! Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. It seems that a lot of people with small ears have a hard time finding earbuds that fit them. I think these would be a good option for small ears.

  8. Having great earbuds that are comfortable, stay in your ear, and have incredible sound is truly a find! I hate when mine fall out during a workout or run.

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